Friday, August 13, 2010

Poetry Friday: A Little Bit of Inspiration

I haven't danced nearly as much in the past few years as I used to dance, and it has definitely had an impact on my mind, body, and spirit. Whenever I am dancing on a regular basis, I truly feel alive. And whenever I am not, I feel like some integral part of me is missing. 

I found the following anonymous poem on several different websites and thought it might resonate with other dancers, other children's writers, and other people who are doing something or working toward something because they love it and just can't imagine life any other way...

I am a dancer. 
I twirl, leap, and spin. 
I jump, pirouette, and tap. 
I am a dancer. 
I feel pain and fear. 
I feel defeat and failure. 
Yet, I keep going. 
I smile, I practice, I perform. 
I have grace and beauty. 

I do not dance because I am happy. 
I am happy because I dance. 

I hear the applause.
I perform and do my best. 
Sometimes I fail.
I don't give up. 
For I am a dancer. 
I am brave and strong.
I dance not for fame and glory. 
But for how I feel inside. 
I am happiness, joy, love, and excitement.
Strife, talent, joy. 
Determination and beauty. 
I am a dancer.

--Author unknown


  1. Oh, this poem gives me a great idea for a poetry prompt. I think I'll have my students write an "I Am A..." poem and use this as a model. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. Hi, B.C. Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad to hear that my poem "inspired" someone in some way. I think your prompt idea is great!

  3. Hi again, Kerry! I love "I do not dance because I am happy/ I am happy because I dance." That's how writing makes me feel (reading a good book, too). Glad you're enjoying your first PF!

  4. "I am happy because I dance." Love it! Welcome to Poetry Friday. You have a great concept for your blog here!

  5. Thank you, Susan. I just checked out your blog, and it is fabulous. I have been worried lately about finding good books for my kids as they get older (because I write picture books and am so stuck in that genre), so I can already tell that your blog is going to be a good friend of mine in the upcoming years. Happy Poetry Friday (yesterday)!


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