Friday, March 4, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Big High Five for Dance!

The February 2011 issue of Highlights High Five included a short poem about dance, so it only seemed appropriate to share it here on Poetry Friday...

© Highlights for Children, Inc.
"Dance" was written by children's poet and picture book author Nancy White Carlstrom, with accompanying art by Steven Salerno. I especially love the contrast of the yellow and blue in Salerno's illustration, and love how happy and energetic the little boy looks when he is dancing. Thanks, High Five, for letting me share this image!

You can access audio versions of all the latest issues of High Five here. And, if you want to read more poetry for children and adults today, The Small Nouns is hosting the round-up. Happy Poetry Friday! 


  1. I love the yellow and blue, too, and think the illustration and design of this page is pretty much perfect. Thanks for sharing this fun poem by the Jesse Bear lady.

  2. What a giggly poem! Children will have a blast moving to this one...and I agree that the combination of art and words are great together! A.


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