Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!

Read It. Move It. Share It. 
Today's post is part of my ongoing collaboration with dance educator Maria Hanley from Maria's Movers. Each month I recommend a book for Maria to use in her creative movement classes, and then we both share out experiences with the book. This month we're exploring Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp! by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe.

Look at the Tyrannosaurus on that cover! A little scary, don't you think? But don't worry...once you open the book, he's not that scary anymore. In fact, he's pretty harmless, even in the presence of other dinosaurs. Mostly, this Tyrannosaurus just wants to stomp!

Mighty Tyrranosaurus
loved stomp, stomp, stomping, 
gigantic legs striding, enormous jaws opening, 
jagged teeth waiting for guzzle, guzzling!
So stomp, Tyrannosaurus, stomp!

As the book continues, we meet an immense Diplodocus, a crested Pteranodon, a fierce Velociraptor, and seven other prehistoric creatures. Like the Tyrranosaurus, each of the creatures has a signature move -- the Diplodocus a swish, the Pteranodon a glide, the Velociraptor a hunt -- plus additional moves that would hopefully inspire young children to come up with some moves of their own.

Although the Tyrranosaurus is mostly absent when we meet these other creatures, he does appear on the page devoted to a tough Ankylosaurus. The signature move of the Ankylosaurus is a whack, and poor Tyrannosaurus is the recipient of one of those whacks! He doesn't look like he minds, though, and this action adds a splash of humor to the already upbeat book. We then see the Tyrannosaurus one more time -- at the end of the book -- when, still stomping, he leads the whole pack of creatures in a dinosaur parade.

Girls and boys -- especially those who love to move -- will appreciate the many movement words in the text. I bet they'll also enjoy the bright illustrations, which take up every corner of every page and, in doing so, exaggerate the exuberance that the text already portrays. Let's see if Maria agrees! You can check out her post here.


  1. As a writer and lover of picture books and as mother of a daughter who loves to dance, I LOVE the concept of working collaboratively with a dance teacher to find books that encourage creative movement. STOMP, DINOSAUR, STOMP! fits the bill perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hi, Laura. Thanks for stopping by! My collaboration with Maria is one of my favorite things about blogging. It's so fun picking out books that I think would work well in creative movement classes, and then it is even more fun seeing how Maria actually uses the books. She always surprises me! I'm so glad to hear you appreciate out collaboration, too :)

  2. Laura, what a nice thing to say! I'm so glad our collaboration is useful to you! :) Kerry, I love the collaboration, you always surprise me too! :) xo


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