Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Read & Romp Roundup -- February 2013

Welcome to the slightly belated February Read & Romp Roundup. Fitting for such a short month, the roundup is a little shorter than usual this time around. However, I think it's a great one and am excited that we have both regular and new contributors!

Maria from Maria's Movers shares her movement ideas to go along with the picture book Mouse's First Snow by Lauren Thompson and Buket Erdogan. She picks out movement words from the book -- like twirly whirly, zzzzipity zzzip, and push and pile -- and explores them with her little ones. Enjoy reading all of her great ideas!

Children's author Joanna Marple joins us this month from Miss Marple's Musings with a review of the new app Prancing Dancing Lilly by Marsha Diane Arnold and John Manders. Based on the printed picture book by the same name, the app has added features such as music, animal animation and noises, and an option for multi-voice narration. Check out Joanna's post to learn more about Lilly and her dancing dream!  

Reshama at the new blog Stacking Books shares the picture book Jumping Jenny by Ellen Bari and Raquel Garcia Macia. Jenny loves jumping, but she finds out it can be annoying to some people and can even lead to accidents. Luckily, Jenny also finds out that jumping can help support a very special cause. Read Reshama's post to find out what that cause is, and enjoy her beautiful blog! 


  1. Could I add my review of Flora and the Flamingo to the round up please?

    1. Hi, Zoe. Yes! I've been saving it for the March roundup if that is ok. I'm a little behind but will be sending out that call for submissions in a couple days. You've been on that list in my head for a while. I wouldn't miss posting your great review :)


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