Friday, July 12, 2013

Flowers and Dance for Poetry Friday!

Happy Poetry Friday! I wasn't actually planning on posting today, but then my 8-year-old surprised me with a wonderful poem about flowers, which I had to share. I hope you enjoy her new poem and flower illustration as much as I do. So proud of my little poet! 

Because I also wanted to tie my post into dance, I went searching for a poem that combined flowers and dance. In doing so, I discovered the poetry of Martin Dejnicki on a website called AnitaPoems, which Martin named after his wife. Very sweet. I thought his poem about the art of ballet was just beautiful...


Flowers are fine. They are divine.
They sprout in spring. They are king.
Flowers are sweet. They're just like a treat. 
Flowers are fun. But when they are done, 
They go back down and out of town.
Flowers are great, they're used on a date. 
I just love FLOWERS!!!!!

The Art of Ballet

Like flowers to the eyes, 
the art of ballet, 
and petals in the wind, 
what an exquisite display.
Grace with beauty, 
each movement conveys.
Branches of strength, 
rain's thunderous praise.
Behind every flower, 
a story resides.
Bending in the wind, 
with purpose it guides.
The music of sight, 
we emotionally feel.
Just like the waves, 
there's nothing more real.
Every new pose,
like a voice is unique.
Deep in our hearts,
attempting to speak.
Like flowers to the eyes, 
the art of ballet,
With the extinction of wind,
still hoping to sway.

@Martin Dejnicki

Deborah Diesen has also written a poem that combines flowers -- daffodils to be exact -- and dance. It's been shared on Poetry Friday before, but in case you missed it, you can find it here on Renee LaTulippe's blog No Water River. For even more poetry fun, check out today's Poetry Friday roundup on Today's Little Ditty


  1. Your daughter is a budding genius, Kerry! (Get it? Flowers? Budding?) Seriously, though-- thanks for the bright outlook, fresh from an 8 yo's imagination. Love it.

    Also loved the hopefulness of " With the extinction of wind,/ still hoping to sway" in the second poem. Thanks for being a part of Poetry Friday today.

  2. Both poems are beautiful, but I think your daughter's line:
    "Flowers are great, they're used on a date." captured my heart. May she always get flowers on her future dates (like when she's 35 LOL)! Thanks for sharing, Kerry! =)

  3. Three cheers for the young poet in your house!

  4. 20 years from now, your daughter will look at that poem and think: 'That's how it all started...'

  5. Hi, Kerry. I love poems-by-kids posts. I am now wondering about the town that flowers go to in the ground when it's cold above ground. What do they do there? Dance, no doubt!

    1. I didn't think of that, Laura. But now that you mention it...what a great illustration that could be to go with the poem!

  6. That flower poem is precious! I love that she said the flowers go down town. Must be a party going on down there!


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