Monday, November 11, 2013

Read & Romp Roundup -- October 2013

Fall is in full swing, and hopefully the posts in the October Read & Romp Roundup will get you and your little ones swinging as well! There are even a couple posts with fall themes, including a "fa-boo-lous" Halloween rhyme to keep the holiday spirit alive. Here we go...

At Maria's Movers, Maria describes how she used a short poem about falling leaves with her 4- to 6-year-old dance students. She hung the poem on the wall, read through it, and then led a creative movement exercise based on the poem. For the 5- and 6-year-olds, she even separated them into groups and let them experiment with their own choreography! My favorite part of the poem is how the wind sends the leaves "dancing to the sky."

Lynelle from Flower Girl World introduces the picture book Camellia the Fabulous Flower Girl from her Flower Girl World series of children's books. Each book focuses on a different flower girl. One is a fashion model. Another is a cowgirl. There's even a detective among the group. So can you guess what Camellia might be? She's a ballerina! Check out Flower Girl World to learn more about the series, which also includes chapter books, and for information about preparing little girls for participating in a wedding.

At Picture Books Help Kids Soar, Vivian shares the 96-word rhyme "Halloween Dance Party Countdown" about dancing zombies, goblins, monsters, and more! The rhyme won an honorable mention in the annual Halloweensie Contest run by children's author Susanna Leonard Hill. Congratulations, Vivian!

Angela at OMazing Kids shares another fabulous post about how she incorporates picture books into her yoga and speech-language therapy sessions for kids. This month she explores I Love Monkey by Suzanne Kaufmann -- an adorable book about the importance of being yourself. Check out Angela's post for ideas on yoga poses, props, games, crafts, and music to go with the book -- and to see photos of the cute bendable sock monkey figurines she found!

I always look forward to posts from Reshama at Stacking Books about picture books with unique movement themes. This month, she shares a review of the new picture book Mitchell Goes Bowling by Hallie Durand and Tony Fucile. "Mitchell Goes Bowling is a HILARIOUS story of a four-year-old and how his dad combats, with an AMAZING amount of patience, a simple every-day problem of keeping his son's energy in check," says Reshama. Apparently Mitchell loves to knock things down!

And finally, I hope you will check out the October Book to Boogie post on the Library as Incubator Project website, where dance educator Jill Homan Randall discusses the picture book Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia. Dig, mix, lift, and tip along with Jill as she shares her ideas for using this book to get kids moving during library story time!

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