Ideas for Dance Class

"Read It. Move It. Share It" was a collaboration with popular dance educator Maria Hanley in which we explored how different picture books can be incorporated into dance and creative movement classes for young children. I would recommend a book for Maria to try out in her classes, and then we would both share our experiences with the book. You can view all of our archives below, and who knows. Maybe we will have another pop-up "Read It. Move It. Share It" collaboration soon!

January: How to Be
February: Dancing Feet!
April: Not a Box
December: Bounce

I also curated a monthly series for the Library as Incubator Project called Book to Boogie, which launched in June 2013 and concluded in September 2017. Each month, a different dance educator, children's librarian, or teacher wrote a post featuring movement ideas to accompany a picture book during preschool story time. Although written with children's librarians in mind, many of the ideas in the posts could be used in dance and creative movement classes as well. (Unfortunately, the archives from the project are no longer accessible.)

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