Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Share a Story: The Culture of Reading

Last week the annual Share a Story-Shape a Future campaign celebrated "the culture of reading" with a variety of guest blog posts and lots of ideas for involving other readers in the campaign. On day 2, Carol Rasco from Reading Is Fundamental posted about reading as a passport to other worlds, which made me start thinking about all the picture books that explore dance styles from around the world.

Also on day 2, the Share a Story-Shape a Future hosts posted the following prompt to encourage bloggers to share their favorite books about other cultures: "An acquaintance wants a book about a culture unlike his/her own. You've got 100 words to pitch your favorite book. Pitch us!"

Well, I have quite a large pile of dance books on the floor in my bedroom, all waiting for the lucky day when they are chosen as the highlight of my next blog post. And wouldn't you know? One of them is about dance from another culture! So here goes my pitch...

Capoeira, which has been described as a way of life in Brazil, is now popular in many parts of the world. But what is it? A game? A dance? A martial art? Believe it or not, it's all three! Award-winning photographer and author George Ancona brings this fascinating activity and its African and Portuguese origins to life in the picture book Capoeira, published in 2007 by multicultural publisher Lee and Low Books. You will be amazed by the cunning technique and playful spirit of the many young capoeiristas who are featured in this book! 

Since 100 words isn't that much, I've also included an image of the book cover above. A picture is worth 1,000 words (right?), so hopefully the cover will entice you even more to check out this informative and entertaining book. 

Before I go, here's a list of other multicultural dance books I've featured on my blog and are worth checking out. Let me know if you know of any more!


  1. Thank you, Kerry! Great pitch and great list. I'm definitely going to see if I can find those books!

    1. Hi, Beth. Thanks for stopping by! Some of the books might be harder to find than others, but I hope you do find them!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. Looks good.
    Apples with Many Seeds

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tammy! Hope you get a chance to read some of the books :)


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