Sunday, February 10, 2013

Read & Romp Roundup -- January 2013

Welcome to the January Read & Romp Roundup! Since another winter storm has just barreled through parts of the Northeastern United States, I'm going to start the roundup off with a couple of winter-themed books with lots of snow in them. However, there were plenty of other great submissions in January, including a picture book about pigs who polka! Stay warm this weekend if you were in the path of the storm, and enjoy the roundup...

Jacqui at Access Dance for Life shares her impressions of the classic book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. Her post reminds us of the wonder of snow and suggests ways to incorporate the book into creative movement and pre-ballet classes.
Rabbit's Snow Dance is the first of four movement-themed books that Amy from Picture-Book-a-Day is sharing with us. Just released a few months ago, the book tells a traditional Iroquois story explaining how the rabbit got its tail. As you might expect, it involves snow -- and dancing!

I can't wait to read Piggies in a Polka after hearing Amy's description of the book. "Movement is woven into the text, as well as the illustrations, and the rhythm of the book sets your toes a-tapping," she says. Check out her post to learn more!

Honk! The Story of a Prima Swanerina is another of Amy's recommendations that I would love to read. Her post gives a detailed description of the book -- which involves the Paris Opera House, Swan Lake, and a swan who longs to dance -- and mentions other books and activities that go along with it.

In one more post at Picture-Book-a-Day, Amy describes some of the movement words in Nighttime Ninja and how the book can inspire kids to get moving. Amy's year of blogging about picture books is over, but hopefully she will still be able to contribute to the roundup through her new blog Chapter Book Explorer!

Beth at By Word of Beth shares the nonfiction book Ballerina Dreams, which takes readers into a special ballet class for children with physical disabilities and follows them as they prepare for a ballet recital. Beth also shares activities and resources to go along with this inspiring book.

Over at Maria's Movers, Maria tells us how she used the picture book Balancing Act to teach balance to her creative movement students. It involves piling onto an imaginary teeter totter. Fun!


  1. Honk is a delightful book, especially for a child interested in dance. The illustrations are bright, colorful and beautifully drawn. I loved the story, it's touching, funny and warm. I hope you like it too.
    The Equation

    1. Thanks so stopping by, Henry! I'm looking forward to reading it. Will be a new author for me, but I'm familiar with Henry Cole's work. Unfortunately, our local library doesn't have it, so I'll have to look elsewhere. Darn!

  2. Balancing Act looks like a very nice book. Will check it out for sure. And thanks for sharing this interesting list. We are always looking for good reads.

    1. Hi, Reshama. Thanks for stopping by. I just took a look at your site, and it is gorgeous!!

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