Saturday, May 26, 2012

Read & Romp Roundup -- May 2012

Welcome to the May Read & Romp Roundup! As usual, we had some really great submissions this month. Plus, in my weekly reading, I came across a few extra posts that I added to the roundup because they fit in so perfectly. And in case you missed it yesterday (May 25th), happy belated National Tap Dance Day!

Lisa at Shelf-Employed shares a review of the picture book The Shape Song Swingalong, which she says is "a perfect book for dancing." Read her post to find out why she likes the book so much and to see what other books she would pair it with for a "home run of storytime!"

Earlier this month, Maria from Maria's Movers created a bumble bee dance to do with some of her youngest dance students. The best part? She used a poem about a bee hive as her muse!

Tracy Bermeo (a.ka. The A2Z Mommy) features I Dreamed I Was a Ballerina this month. Based on the memoirs of Anna Pavlova and illustrated with works of Edgar Degas, the book tells the story of how Anna Pavlova decided to become a ballerina. Learn more and read Tracy's reaction to the book at the A2Z Mommy and What's in Between.

Angela from OMazing Kids reviews the picture book Every Body Does Yoga, which can be used to show kids how they already incorporate yoga into their everyday lives. Angela held a giveaway for the book earlier in the month, too, so congratulations to the winners! 

Author and illustrator Jill McElmurry stops by Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast this month to talk about two of her recent picture books. If  you scroll down the post, you can read about Mario Makes a Move (which is about a dancing squirrel) and how the book evolved into what it is today. Plus you can see some really neat early sketches!

We're going to round off the roundup with a review of the picture book Kitchen Dance over at Of Thoughts and Words. If you are looking for a book with themes of family, Afro-Latino Americans, bedtime, and dance, then this could be the book for you!

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